An insectoid monk from another universe.


Chat’ka is most noticeably a Thri-Kreen, an insectoid race never before seen in Erova. He has a rough, tan colored carapace, two sets of arms ending in clawed hands, short antennae, and large orange eyes. He isn’t especially tall but is fairly thickly built. He wears only a rough spun pair of loose pants and sandals on his clawed feet.


Chat’ka is a Thri-Kreen of the Dark Sun universe who was unintentionally drawn into the Erovan world by three researchers at the Erovan institute. He was held there and studied for an length of time. During that time. he was taught the common language of Erovan, which he speaks as fluently as a pair of mandibles allow.

When the cataclysm that uprooted Lecone struck, Chat’ka barely managed to survive the chaos only to be captured by a group of Bizzer slavers. By the time the elves had moved on to the gatehouse, though, Chat’ka had recovered his strength. He broke free, setting the slaver airship aflame and killing many of the Bizzer elves. Before the rest of the elves could overwhelm him, Arca, Raam, Echo, and Aubrey arrived and dispatched the rest of the slavers. After a short but tense standoff, Chat’ka decided that the mercenaries were friendly enough and that, for the moment, and for lack of better options, he would join them.

The party knows few of the details of Chat’ka’s background, other than that he originates from a barren desert wasteland. From what they have seen of him, he is a truly ferocious fighter, a complete stranger to the Erovan world, and entirely distrustful of anyone who has not actively aided him, including the Regiment that employs the rest of the party.


Erova Mizra Wielder