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You and I both know that if this thing gets too complicated, it’ll bloat and die like every other wiki we’ve attempted. All I want to do is give a little “who’s this/what’s that” just to make sure we’re all up to speed.

The Folks



Not in Kansas Anymore

The Places

The four major nations of this southern continent have been embroiled in war for over one thousand twenty five years.

  • Bizzerheim, a nation of xenophobic elves living in the northern forests.
  • Bah-Resh, the ziggurat-cities beyond the mountains. Home of the social, necromantic Reshite elves.
  • Meloriade, a cultural offshoot of Erova. More sacred society.
  • Erova, a nation founded on the southern coast by ancient sailors.
    • Bellarova, Erova’s shiny new capital, built as a monument to peace.
    • Lecone, Erova’s old military capital, now a flying fortress.
      • Gatehouse, a structure almost as old as Lecone. Military base and gov’t building.
      • Asylum, a “haven” for the magically tormented.
      • The Mill, the massive square fan-tower and power generator for Lecone.
      • The Erianne Institute, the CIA, Pentagon, and Area 51 of Erova.
      • The Old City, the sprawling coastal nest of the nation, now mostly empty.

The Critters

These bizarre animals are resonant with the mind-twisting harmonies of the Far Realm. They all appear to have originated within the Erianne Institute and have adapted their otherworldly biologies to survive – and thrive – in our precious world.


  • Bizzer Slavers and their airship attempting to capture the Spiderjelly.

The Plots

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