Daughter of the Asylum

On the fourth floor of the Gatehouse, we are introduced to a person called Journeyman Jack through his correspondence with Percival Wheeler. Jack and Percy have been trading information for some time. While Percy’s attempting to dig up the truth about his boss, Jack is intent on shining some light on the hidden past of his adopted daughter, Nell.

A note from Jack to his wife in Bellarova explains his concerns about Nell:

07/7 of the year 1405 (Two weeks ago)
Dear Elizabeth,
Today, Nell’s coming back from the harbor. She’s been writing us pretty frequently, and as much as I’d like to believe that she’s as happy as she sounds in those letters, I know her better than that. I feel like she just put on her party hat, did the little song-and-dance we expected, and pretended to be thrilled about turning fifteen. Truth is, she’s aching to get back to work at the Asylum. She won’t say it, but I’m her godfather, and I know.
She’s a strange kid, Elizabeth, but you know that I love Nell as though she were my own. As soon as my assignment’s done here, I’m heading back to Bellarova and taking her to meet you.
Actually, to tell you the truth, I’m less worried about her spending time with her friends at the Asylum than I am about the Institute. I get the feeling that they’re watching her more now than ever, and if they decide that she’s spending too much time around the crazies, they just might take her away one day. I’ve got half a mind just to take her and head up through the wilderness of the North Road, or to go hide out with the Zier’s family in Bah-Resh.
I’ve been keeping in touch with my contact inside the Institute, and as much as I want to leave that whole world alone, I owe him. He’s having me dig up a bunch of old records, stuff from the EI that got moved over here after the Third War. We’ve found some very interesting inconsistencies.
As always, the Lieutenant Quartermaster is keeping outgoing mail from my colleagues and myself absolutely safe from prying eyes, but be careful what you send in: if the Institute gets him replaces at the right time, we could be found out. Use the code we talked about!
All my love,

The same Lieutenant Quartermaster, Marrack Lorn, was being formally “reprimanded” by Percy for holding up cargo bound for the Erianne Institute, which we understand to be a red herring style diversion orchestrated by Percy, Jack and Lorn to keep Erianne off of their respective tails. Later, another couple of documents from Percival reveal a startling truth to Jack: that an asylum patient called CRANE bore a daughter before being imprisoned beneath the Erianne Institute, and that this child would be exactly Nell’s age.

21/4 of the year 1390
Fellow Scientists, Magi, and Staff,

Now, for the matter at hand: As you know, I have recently transferred one of the patients from the Asylum to the Erianne Institute, and it’s caused quite a stir. Now that the actual matter has been resolved, the secrecy around it may be dissolved somewhat. The patient was suffering from an unknown, but very sensitive condition, and she was pregnant. She was transferred to the Intitute to allow our most skilled mages and doctors to assist her in childbirth. Sadly, in spite of all our efforts to increase her chances, both she and the child were lost. The Institute would customarily release their bodies for interrment, but the father has claimed his legal right to oversee the process permanently, and the Institute, of course, complied.
I certainly hope that this has answered most of your questions about the matter. As always, feel free to contact me and my staff for future inquiries.
~ Victor Y’kev
Director of the Erianne Institute

A secret memo from Victor’s assistant reveal his address to be mostly a lie.

02/5 of the year 1390
I got your letter and have run it through the fact machine – it should be okay to deliver the speech tomorrow. In my opinion, it’s not a day too soon: Inquiry surrounding the Asylum has reached an all-time high, and a lot of us are getting uncomfortable.
CRANE is still asleep, and her child is indistinguishible from a normal, healthy baby. We have the full cooperation of the Asylum’s top staff, and the “father” story will suffice for now. We still have no idea how she became pregnant, or about the psionic ability of her child. What we do know is that CRANE’s own psionic field has tightened and intensified almost threefold, and it’s strengthening rapidly.
Until we receive further word, I’ve instructed my staff to keep her in stasis. We’ve taken her as deeply into the plateau as we can, and we’ve used one of the lower vaults. If her influence manages to spread, we can move her deeper into the caverns, but I’m worried about the magical disruption there destabilizing her.
We’ve constructed a nursery in C-level.
Your faithful assistant,

These two ancient documents were accompanied by an attachment from Percival, who dug them out of nooks and crannies in the E.I.


First, I wanted to tell you that I’ve checked on the Asylum address from 1390, and I dug something up that… well, you’d better just see this for yourself. I put the relevant scrap in our hiding spot. I don’t think there’s any way to avoid the conclusion: Nell would be exactly the right age.
I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted to hear; I found this one completely by accident. And I’ve been able to secure your access to the Erianne Institute’s personnel files. When you can, pull records from the middle of the Third War, around 1260. I have a strong suspicion that I will see a familiar face. Or two.

(See The Mystery of Archmage Burke)

Daughter of the Asylum

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