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  • Percival Wheeler

    Certain secret correspondence found on the fourth floor of the Gatehouse indicates that Percival was in cahoots with a character known as [[:jack | Journeyman Jack]]. The two traded secrets: Percy kept Jack informed about what was happening in the Erianne …

  • Journeyman Jack

    "Journeyman" Jack Helmland has been corresponding secretly with [[:percival | Percival Wheeler]], trading information from the Gatehouse and Erianne records respectively. Jack is interested in the Erianne Institue's records because he's recently …

  • Commander Bryce

    Bryce has been communicating with Hrodane and, later, Aubrey by means of a magical amulet. He has no psionic/telepathic ability himself.

  • Marrack Lorn

    Helped [[:jack | Journeyman Jack]] and [[:percival | Percival Wheeler]] in their respective investigations by causing trouble with the supply-flow to the Erianne Institute. Whereabouts unknown.

  • Hrodane

    Hrodane possessed an amulet which allowed him to communicate with his superiors in the Regiment/Royal Army joint command. Hrodane's airship, which initially deposited the party on the cliffside, was called _The Insidiuous Spur_.

  • Patrice

    Poor Patrice. Paired with a lazy painter, she tried her damnedest to protect her vault's contents. She fell to her death after agreeing to help the party break the elaborate ritual she'd placed on Vault B. Also, she apparently had a little problem …

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