Ires Roderick Raam

A glaive-wielding warlord, ex-guardsman and unwilling planar traveler.


Raam was born in the East, though he seldom talks about his home. It’s generally known that he was part of a proper military at some point, and he won’t hesitate to tell you that he had been “discharged,” but it would take a pack of rabid drakes to glean another detail about this young warlord’s past.

In truth, he was the captain of the Imperial Guard of a proud Eastern power for a few short years. His entire life had been spent in training for the position and, above all his peers, he excelled. He could defend himself in a three-on-one fight before he lost his baby teeth, but Ires Raam’s real strength came in directing and defending others in combat. He slipped naturally from leadership position to leadership position until, shortly after his twentieth birthday, he was given the most prestigious and harrowing assignment he’d ever imagined: he was to serve as the personal bodyguard to the Empress-to-be.

The Empress-to-be was little more than a child, and Raam took on the role of elder brother and friend in addition to his duties as a protector. Perhaps he was spread too thin when the time finally came. Perhaps he had let his guard drop. Whatever the cause, one Summer day, an assassin’s bolt pierced the heart of Raam’s young charge, killing her instantly.

In the tradition of the Land, the entire Royal Guard was discharged and summarily banished from the realm. Many joined the exiled military of the past; Raam couldn’t bear to remain. Instead, he headed West, searching for adventure, seeking purpose, and waiting for the inescapable march of time to heal him.

After a few mindless postings to militias and mercenary bands, Raam met Arca Ravenloft and the two have been adventuring together ever since. (Except, of course, for the three-year period after the excavation of Morode, during which Raam was flung into a distant and nameless plane and emerged with a prosthetic Warforged leg fused to his right hip, and a handful of new stories besides.)

Ires Roderick Raam

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