Journeyman Jack

Adoptive father of Nell and sleuth working in the Gatehouse's records dept.


“Journeyman” Jack Helmland has been corresponding secretly with Percival Wheeler, trading information from the Gatehouse and Erianne records respectively. Jack is interested in the Erianne Institue’s records because he’s recently discovered that his adopted daughter, Nell, is the biological daughter of a psionic madwoman codenamed CRANE who was moved from the Asylum to the Erianne Institute’s cold storage many years ago.

Jack’s wife lives in Bellarova; he writes her about new discoveries.

His investigation was cut off by the catastrophe. We do not know whether he’s evacuated, dead, or alive somewhere in Lecone. Nell’s status is also unknown.

(See: Daughter of the Asylum)

Journeyman Jack

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