Arca Ravenloft

An Eladrin wizard, banished from the Feywild, infested by the Kalak’Cha gone psychic, psychotic, and psionic.


Arca Ravenloft, Eladrin, student of Good-Standing at a small magical academy in the city of Fallcrest first dirtied his robes adventuring with the rag-tag likes of Raam, Danidee the halfling Rogue, and Haskan Shamash the Dragonborn.

Their travels took them through frosted Kobold caverns, dream-state dragon dens, the glittering pink marble City of Echo (and its post-magical-warhead fallout), the war-torn countryside east of the river Svere, the triumphant departure of Haskan to found a refugee city near the ruins of Echo, the sewage-steeped bowels of the city Svereguard, the implanting of the Kalak’Cha, the Altar Wood and the Satyr rape of Danidee, the broken wagon and iron safe of Gilligan Hats, the blackmarket, whores, and blackmarket whores of Sun City, the kraken-laced waters crossing to Nosry, the ship-board mind-fuck at the hands of Scarlet (NOT a jewel-vender, OR a jewel-vender’s assistant) their trial for wanton destruction at arrival in port, the Highriver Academy and Maximillian Corone, and the air-ship launch towards the “Excavation” of Morode with Max and Scarlet in tow.

Records are currently unclear as to what exactly happened upon exhuming the Lich, or the intervening three years leading up to the present, but somewhere in that span Arca was flung to the farthest and most desperate reaches of the Nine Hells, driven half-mad, and forced by necessity to kindle and control the latent psionic powers that the Kalak’Cha provided him.

Now, Arca has been hired into the service of the Erovan Regiment to lend his talents to a small strike team, sent to survey the situation on the floating city, and prepare the way for the main force.

Arca Ravenloft

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