Welcome to the South, Adventurers…

The call to arms echoed across the world: The wealthy coastal empire of Erova has suffered a catastrophe in its ancient military capital. The boldest and most skilled adventurers on the continent have come to help Erova’s Regiment purge the city of Lecone of its invaders — beasts from the Far Realm. Those who survive will gain station, grace and the thanks of a powerful nation.

Of all the adventurers to answer the call, none are more skilled than the assassin Echo, the warlord Ires Raam and his old counterpart, the mad wizard Arca. Along with the most decorated of the Regiment’s soldiers, such as Hrodane, Hashy and Kieran Aubrey, and accidental allies such as Chat’ka, this group of mercenaries has an honest chance at stopping the horrific flow of outsiders and, perhaps, uncovering the shocking root of this disaster.

How To Play (Update 4/23/2011)

Oh man, it’s been three months since this page has been updated. Once again, we’ve got a big map with an assetcache file to download, and an updated build of Maptool to snag. The instructions should be basically the same, so I’ll just update the links!

  1. Download Maptool-1.3.b86
  2. Download the new assetcache.rar from here. (NEW)
    1. Delete the folder C:\Users\*YOU*\.maptool\assetcache
    2. Extract the contents of assetcache.rar (one folder called assetcache) into the /.maptool/ directory, replacing the one you just deleted.
  3. If your computer can handle dedicating 1GB of RAM to Maptool, launch it by running Launch MapTool-1G-Memory.bat rather than MapToolLauncher.exe. It should be in the same directory.
What Changed?

Mechanically, this is very similar to the early Gatehouse missions. It’s going to take a little while for the campaign file to load, but once it does, every subsequent load will be quick and easy.


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